Spaghetti Squash Pie and Other Adventures

The culinary juices were flowing this weekend! My parents came to visit, which usually means making up for lost kitchen time with my mom. Before they arrived, I tried a new recipe from Clean Eating magazine for No Bake Almond Butter Chocolate Chip bars. They were absolutely delicious, but as you can see from the photo, they crumbled to pieces.


Later in the day, mom and I made a crustless spaghetti squash pie, or what I refer to as a “Faux”- conut custard pie (the strands of squash are similar in texture to coconut). I made several modifications to the recipe on, including removing the crust, using egg whites and cutting down on the amount of sugar (I used about half of what the recipe called for). Surprisingly, it tastes very similar to a coconut custard pie, and is even better the next day!


With two desserts in the fridge, Sunday was dedicated to meal prep. I tried another new recipe from Allrecipes for Phillip’s lunches this week: Sesame Pasta Salad. Again, I made several adjustments to make it gluten free (GF pasta and GF soy sauce) and also substituted edamame and broccoli for the chicken the recipe originally calls for (gotta get those veggies in there somewhere!) I am in the pro-cilantro camp and loved the recipe. Official taste tester Mike (AKA Dad) liked it too, but thought the cilantro was overpowering.

Cilantro garnished bowl of Sesame Pasta Salad (Sorry Dad!)
Lunches for the week- check!

Sunday night, I went to my friend Shana’s house to make a veggie-packed spread for watching football. Needless to say, we didn’t watch a minute of football, but had a great time testing some new recipes. I made Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, and added firm tofu for extra protein.

Buffalo Cauliflower and Tofu garnished with chives- SO GOOD!

I had also been dying to try socca, an Italian flatbread made from chickpea flour. I first ordered it at Nizza, a restaurant in New York City specializing in this delicious pizza-like dish. We didn’t have a cast iron skillet like the recipe called for, so we improvised with a Dutch Oven. We added caramelized onions, spinach, parmesan, ricotta and Italian seasoning- another home run (or should I say touchdown?) Because we used a smaller pan, the crust was thicker and chewier than the one at Nizza. Next time, I’ll make it thinner so it crisps up- but it still tasted great.

Our Dutch Oven Socca- it tasted better than it looks, I promise!

Shana added two variations of stuffed endive boats and an amazing butternut squash fundido dip, and we had ourselves a feast!

A little bit of everything- no time for football!


All in all, it was a great weekend. I don’t always get to do this much cooking, especially when it comes to trying new recipes. I think I found a bunch of keepers!



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