Can’t Win ‘Em All: Chocolate Souffles and Green Fish Piles

One of the things I find most frustrating about social media is the lack of truth. We edit our photos to make them look perfect, we share our most exciting news and fun vacations. What doesn’t make the cut is all the bad stuff: the medical frustrations, chasing your dog around the backyard to get a urine sample (ugh, that one hits close to home for me this week) and, the most minor of them all, those failed attempts at cooking or baking something that looked amazing in a food magazine (I once served a dish at a dinner party that is now infamously referred to as “the green fish pile”, ’nuff said).

This week, that thing was a chocolate soufflé (or eight of them to be exact). I saw the recipe on Food Network, and vowed to buy the 8 oz. soufflé cups and try them at home. I need to preface this by saying that these were not a total and complete fail (I didn’t use salt instead of sugar, for example), but any time a dessert is comprised of mostly eggs and egg whites, you’re taking your chances. From what I’ve been told, a soufflé is supposed to be light and airy on the outside and gooey and decadent on the inside. Mine came out dense and dry- they tasted great, but more like an over baked cupcake than an airy soufflé.

A photo timeline of the incident:

Filled with promise, soufflés just going in to the oven.
Still beautiful, soufflés just about ready to come out of the oven.
The beginning of the slow decline.
#nofilter #thestruggleisreal
whipped topping
My favorite Instagram trick- when it doesn’t look great, add some whipped cream.

Ultimately, I think I overbeat the eggs and baked them for too long. But I will not be defeated, I will continue my quest for the perfect chocolate soufflé. What I won’t do is add to the social media disillusionment. I’m sure I’ll have many more culinary mishaps to share. It’s just too bad I didn’t get a photo of the green fish pile.

Empty bowls in the sink. Yup, I ate two.





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  1. Mike Chiusano says:

    look great Carrie!! love Dad



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